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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Who me? Worry?

Why Worry?

I bumped into Elmo after a
meeting  at a children's hospital
Nothing like time with Elmo to add
some Joy to life.
There has been many words written about the act and process of worrying. I'm not here to convince you to stop. I am here to ask you how much time you've invested in worry and what change in outcomes has it created?

Now I'm not talking about the typical thought "Hmmm did I lock the door this morning - when I left for work?"  Nope not at all. That is a very normal thought for many of us a couple times a month. 

No, I'm talking about what I call "Deep Worry". A habit of spending time often lost in worry about:
We all face so many choices! 
- What if
- If only
- I, We, We're, They're not: Ready, Able, Up for this....

Learning to replace negative worry with action orientated self talk can be and is life affirming and changing. 
So, until next time, 
Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency forLife.


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