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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Point of View 
Have you ever found that despite your best efforts things are not turning out as planned?

Could it be you? Perspective and our ability to consider OPPV's? Other People's Points of View can help us gain added insights into who thinks what and why.

I have a friend who works with the public. He tells me that one of his  biggest frustrations are male adults who talk to him as a child to him as the adult. As if he is the parent and the customer is the child.   He says he finds it exhausting to deal with this style or type of behaviour. I'd agree.

So how do others perceive you? What things about your style help you engage & connect with others? 
Is there anything about your style that makes others want to detach and pull away?

So, Resiliency is in part about engaging and connecting with each other. So what do you do that builds perspective in your life and is there any part of your style that blocks you?

So until next time imagine yourself with more resiliency for more life.

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