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Monday, 1 February 2016

When and how will you declare Victory?

When will you declare Victory?
With Michael Ballard your tour guide through the land of Resiliency for Life

 "There comes a time when you have to declare your victory even though you may be losing the fight." Richard grabbed my attention! I'd never thought of it that way or said it even close to that way. Yet I'd thought along the same lines during several "fight for my life" moments during three very serious challenges with cancer and a daunting medical complication that cause me to have to have emergency surgery late one night. 

In such times, it is not just about strength. It is about faith. Faith in self, faith in others, perhaps faith in a higher being or power. Yes I’d pushed and fought while fighting my cancer. However I’d never said it so directly. I was going to win my battles with cancer. I had cancer. The cancer did NOT have me. First Battle Won! Then I will win emotionally I have cancer it does NOT have me. Oh don't get me wrong I cried big sobbing earth shattering sobbing tears. Down on my knees pounding the tiles in the shower room. However it was not all about PMA Positive Mental Attitude It was about feeling the pain acknowledging it ,then building a team to help me fight back!! In thought word and deed. In pray and play. In music and in praise, in family and friendships! Victory was declared. Yes I was quite ill death walked the hall ways and hovered in the door way Yet having learned at an early age that inner strength with faith and a team that would walk beside you makes for a very powerful combination. So I declared Victory every morning as I woke up and every evening as I lay my head on the pillow. Yes I had cancer. Yes I might die. However I was winning intellectually, emotionally and spiritually! Amen! Oh and 20+ years later it's safe to say I won physically.

When will you declare victory? Over what?
Richard Paa Kofi Botchwey 
 I owe a thank you to my friend Richard Paa Kofi Botcheway for causing this blog to fire off in my brain with this quote of his. Richard is a writer and rising star on the literary scene in Africa However increasingly I'm reading and hearing about him in Europe. I look forward to learning from him and cheering him on. One day we'll have to have a face to face. Coffee or tea Hmmm I wonder what he’ll chose.

So until next time Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for life!

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Michael specializes in helping people, families, organizations and community’s learn how to thrive with resiliency. Resilience is a process, a set of key assets, skills and beliefs that can change our lives. Resiliency can changes the quality of our journey and often the quality of the outcomes.

Michael Ballard specializes in helping people, schools, teams
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