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Monday, 17 October 2016

Smallest Party in the World "The Pity Party"

It is a trap that we can all fall into if we are not cautious and stay attentive to our thoughts and words and the resulting feelings that can go along with it.

We've all had that "Party for One" the "Pity Party" when life seems to be going in the wrong direction! Plus how many of us have tried inviting others to join in our pity parties?  
However there is nothing wrong with sharing the cause of our pain be it health, relationships, job, school or family issues. However what does cause us grief is if we chose to live in this grief. Some live in it daily, weekly monthly or yearly. It is acceptable to visit our grief yet living in it can cause us quite a bit of harm.

Building a support team, offering support in another area to others can help us start to move forward.  So a Pity Party of One is an okay place to land after an upset. Staying there and not moving forward is the biggest issue.

Who will you offer to help to help yourself move forward and in what category?
Who will you ask for help to assist you move forward and in what category?

So there is no time like the present! Go get em! 

So until next time, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency for Life.


Michael Ballard specializes in helping people, schools, organizations and communities learn how to become more resilient.

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