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Friday, 11 November 2016

Lest We Forget

Today, I honour all those who have gone before us and served their country's.
Some paid the ultimate sacrifice. Some came home missing a limb, or deeply
challenged with mental health issues. Some did not serve on the front lines, yet
they served us all. Perhaps like my Grandfather Ballard one of your relatives
served in a supportive role. Grandfather Ballard served in the Merchant Marines.
He helped repair submarines from dusk to dawn working with machinists and other
metal workers repairing and or fabricating replacement parts.

His brother was killed in WWI World War One in France. That was supposed to be
the war to end all wars.
Pte. James Frank Ballard
My Grandfather was at sea during most of that war. So he was not home when the news was delivered that his brother Pte. James Frank Ballard had been killed.
Henry Ballard 1970's

Perhaps one of your relatives served in WWII or one of the countless large and small conflicts and wars this crazy world has seen over the past 100 plus years.

Regardless of who's side one is on this I know to be true, it takes courage to show up and be on time and on purpose to serve ones country. Countless hours of practise, more practise, often not in the best weather or location or with the best kit (gear). Yet they serve.
Today I pay tribute to all of my relatives and friends past and present who have or had served our nation. Lest We Forget.

So the next time you're having a less than perfect day don't forget to have some gratitude that you and I are able to have this time. They invested and paid a large price for us to have this liberty.

So don't forget to be grateful. Our freedoms come due to a very large investment from many.

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