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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Power of Prayer and of Asking for Group Prayer

Prayer is a very powerful way to be in touch with our creator and those that have gone before us. We can pray alone, pray in small and large groups and as I've learned to ask for; prayer for us or a vital cause near and dear to us. 
Sometimes the journey is more interesting
There are often no shortcuts.
Sometimes we have to take the stairs
At 27 I was challenged by my cancer. I learned days after surgery that I had cancer in four locations I felt several emotions. Anger was there at first very briefly. I did then soon feel afraid, alone at 3:30 am some mornings and in part hopeless that I had to depend on others to help me get through this fight for my life.
Then in conversations with my Mom and Dad ~ Dad asked So what else can I do son?
Well Dad how about you ask your friends via your work intranet service to put me in their faith prayer groups. I can remember that like yesterday.
Within a few days he called back and told me I was in prayer groups around the world. By end of the week he announced I was in over 60 prayer groups. Dad and Mom where very pleased and amazed.

Dad shared with me "Son you're being prayed for in Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, Revival Halls, Gospel Halls, Churches  and on every continent expect Antartica. India, Australia, Japan, England, New Zealand, France, Canada, and all over the USA and Canada including Texas, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Colorado, British Columbia, and many many other locations in North America.

I quickly started to feel uplifted. What an incredible life altering experience to have. 60+ prayer groups all asking for me to gain some wisdom from my journey and if possible a healing. So here I am 25 years later. Surprised and delighted and humbled to still be here. Three near death experiences during that 7 year battle with 2 bouts of cancer and one emergency surgery due to a failed medical procedure.

Never ever doubt that prayer can assist guide you and alter the quality of your journey and experience. Just remember what will you ask for you when you pray?
So, until next time, Imagine Yourself with more Resiliency forLife.

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I very soon started to feel uplifted. Very very uplifted. Statistically I'm 

So the next time you feel challenged and or threatened by one of life's bumps in the road don't forget the power of prayer and the power of asking others to assist with that prayer.


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